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Season 10 Division 1 Champions/ On Point


Season 9 Divsion 3A Champions/ Pull up Boys



Season 9 Division 3B Champions / TrojansĀ 

Season 8 Division 4 Champions/ TROJANS
Team Effort carries Splash Bros past Glory Days

Onpoint’s Clutch Free throws seals a win
Mamba goes up 2-0
Freestyle Sends a Message


Trojans win streak ends with a loss to Pakone

Team Buktu Stuns Veteran Team Pakone
Soldiers spoils Warriors iBL debut


Season 7 Division 1 Champions: Pool Boys Club

Division 3A Champions: Team Pointless

Division 3B Champions: Trojans


Higher/Lower POG


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“Inter-Hoops Basketball Sneakers Giveaway!!!”

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“Schedule Changes”

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Season 3 Higher Division Championship

Season 3 Intermediate Division Championship

Season 3 Lower Division Championship