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“Trojans win back-to-back Championships”

PASADENA — It was a gut wrenching game this Sunday against Div II Splash City and the Trojans for the championship! The game started off close and ended CLOSE! By the first half, the score was 48-46 ……



“Launch Season takes Division 1 Championship”

“Freestyle too much for Flight Assault”

“Splash Brothers get 18 each from Chambers/Newman, move on”

“Flight Assault’s attack too much for Wolfpack”


“Trojans win back-to-back Championships”

“Bayside Takes Advantage Of Sleestak Attack Mistakes”


“Kimchi knocks off defending champs to win Division 3 Championship”

“Oldies But Goodies claims Div 3B Championship”

“Hooplife 2 battles back, wins in sudden death”

“Kimchi’s big first half carries them into the finals”

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“iBL All Star Game”

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“Schedule Changes”

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Season 3 Higher Division Championship

Season 3 Intermediate Division Championship

Season 3 Lower Division Championship